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Our Traveling Crew

Our passion is to travel, try new foods, experience art, music and culture. I find stepping out of your comfort zone everyday does wonders for your health and happiness.

About Sherpa Sean

I work as a Fire Investigator/Fire Inspector for a small but busy community with 60,000 residents. I'm also a Paramedic, Realtor, Landlord and Handyman. I enjoy Skiing, Hiking, Kayaking, Mountain biking, Scuba diving, Sailing/Boating, Off-road jeeping and my true passions being travel, new foods, art and music. The more I travel the more I learn and become a better traveler making each journey more enjoyable. "Know before you go" or "Be prepared" are words that have echoed in my head since I was a child from my parents, my boy scout troop and even the fire service. Having a "Be prepared" mindset has helped avoid problems, prevent injuries, fix whats broken and help fellow travelers. I have read lots of travel essays and travel blogs and find myself building knowledge and skills from others as well as developing my own style. with most important thing to remember being "You can learn something from everyone" With good and active listening skills and observation skills you don't even have to speak the same language to learn valuable skills from others. Maybe the best experience that describes this is walking around a friends house in Germany with his child in my arms and I would point at something and say the name of the object in english and the boy would repeat it in english and then in German. This became super valuable when ordering food from a menu or describing something to a shop keeper. The zoo animals I learned haven't found a good use for. (yet)

Lets keep traveling!


Meet the Travelers

Our travelers are made up of friends and family who share the same passion.

Traveler Adriana

Student, Fashionista, Resort report

Leisure, resort and fashion hub traveler

Interests Hockey, shopping, new restaurants.

Traveler Gabrielle

Student, Baking wiz, Rave & Club review

Entertainment, local hot spot, big city traveler

Interests Hockey, Electronic music, raves, baking.

Traveler Brendan

Software IT Photography and culture review

Enjoys travel of all types city, country and natural wonders. Food, culture and beer traveler.

Interests Photography, Pod casts, Craft and micro brews.

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Sherpa Sean