Trip Planning

Planing ahead can maximize your trip.

Research stuff to do in the event of bad weather as well as restaurants and nightlife. (Don't feel obligated to do everything you plan! Rest is important too.)

The other part of trip planning is having a plan "B" Sometimes trains and taxi's go on strike so having the ability to rent a car or negotiate with locals for a place to stay becomes paramount. Also being flexible and changing your plan altogether can be a life saver. (Literally)



Make travel part of the fun!

Be prepared for your trip. Bring stuff to help travel be enjoyable. (Head phones, Ear plugs, book and Water bottle.) Also if you have a layover between long flights or trains try to get away from the airport/train station and see the local sights.

If you can always try to sleep or nap on the plain/train. Some trains still offer sleeping births for overnight travel. I can't think of a better way to maximize your trip then waking up at your next destination refreshed and ready to explore.

Traveler Safety

The most under rated and most important part of travel is safety.

The best resource for safety and security is the U.S. Department of State website. (The site covers local crime tourist scams and how to reduce being targeted as well as areas to avoid.)

The next best would be the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website under the traveler health tab. (Good information related to the region and elevation you will be traveling to and what preventative steps you can take to avoid getting sick and what to do if you do get sick.)

Traveler essentials

Flying anywhere can be difficult if not prepared.

Sherpa Sean's flying essentials list can help improve almost any flight.

Empty water bottle to fill after security check point. Eye-mask and earplugs. Meds & Melatonin. Earbuds for inflight movie or music. Also for use with your smart phone for pre-downloaded movies. A sturdy ballpoint pen for those tricky crossword puzzles and filing out customs & immigration forms. (Also a great defense weapon.)

I have a lanyard to keep the pouch around my neck as I put my carry-on  in the upper compartment. You may want to add a few items depending on your needs and flight time. (Credit card, book/magazine)

My 3 do's before I get on the plane. (1) I wear a t-shirt under a button-up shirt so I can control my temperature better. (2) I try to use the bathroom in the lounge or airport. (3) I will also brush my teeth and wash my face. This last one helps me relax and stay comfortable.

Airplane bathrooms are not the cleanest of places and who knows what time zone it was cleaned and how well. Avoid the plane lavatory! If you do you may want to add hand sanitizer to your flying essentials!

Enjoy the local foods.

Enjoy the local foods safely with some good shopping habits. Eat what the locals eat. Signs of safe food handling and care are sometimes hard to spot. First follow your gut instinct not just your growling stomach. A long line filled with locals is a good sign. In areas with poor sanitation buy the foods you peel yourself. (Bananas, Oranges, Melons are good choices but you will still want to wash your hands and the fruit before peeling)

Bottled water, Boiled water for tea and adding beer or alcohol to water can reduce exposure to water borne pathogens. Lastly listen to your body. The first sign of infection is elevated temperature.


Your experience matters!

If you have experienced travel issues and found a creative solution please share it with us. We would love to hear from you!